McHenry and Lake Counties, IL Tornado Warned Storms – 9/11/2019

During the early evening of 9/11/2019, a tornado warning was issued via the National Weather Service in Chicago for a storm with rotation noted via radar. Documented several funnel clouds, wall clouds, and scud clouds just prior to the warning issuance throughout it’s lifecycle up to the Lake Michigan shore. Slow motion lightning strikes were also documented throughout the storms time in Illinois, notably McHenry and Lake Counties, just north of Chicago.
Shot Description
Shots 1-3 – Timelapse of tornadic development just prior to a tornado warning issuance for McHenry and Lake Counties, Illinois.

Shots 4-6 – Wall cloud and core of storm impacting McHenry/Prairie Grove, Illinois.

Shots 7-9 – Funnel/wall cloud formations within Island Lake, Illinois.

Shots 10-11 – Funnel/wall cloud formations within Wauconda, Illinois.

Shots 12-16 – Funnel/wall cloud formations within Hawthorne Woods, Illinois.

Shots 17-19 – Funnel/wall cloud formations within Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Shot 20 – Core of storm with lightning bolt affecting Bannockburn, Illinois.

Shots 21-23 – Tree snapped over nearly striking the residence located in McHenry/Nunda Township, Illinois.

Shots 24-30 – Lightning strikes captured using a high frame rate and reduced speed (slow motion footage) between Hawthorne Woods and Highland Park, Illinois.
SID: Jesse Walters

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