Hurricane Dorian Fringe Effects, Palm Beach, FL – 9/3/2019

Hurricane Dorian fringe effects (waves and surge)
Shot Description

1). Surfers (Deerfield Beach, FL).

2). Close pier view.

3). Waves and Deerfield Pier.

4). People on beach / waves.

5). Waves and surfers closeup.

6). Surfers going out in shorebreak.

7). Surfers catching waves.

8). Flooded marina and boat ramp in Lake Worth.

9). Flooded parking lot.

10). Boat ramp and surge.

11). People and cars in king tides / surge.

12). View of Palm Beach sea shore.

13). Beach erosion.

14). View of A1A empty.

15). Palm trees blowing.

16). Palm trees 2.

17). Palm trees 3.

18). A1A flooding in Manalapan, FL.

19). Surge creeping across A1A.

20). Docks underwater in Boynton Beach, FL.

21). Boynton Beach Inlet waves.

22). View looking N on Boynton Beach.

23). Seawall at Boynton Inlet.

24). Palm trees blowing.

25). Seawall and waves.

26). Waves crashing over pier.

27). More waves crashing over pier / seawall.

28). Closeup of crashing waves.

29). Direct hit with waves.

30). View of extremely agitated waves.

31). View of raining and incoming waves.

32). Huge wave washing over pier.

33). Driftwood on railing.

34). Jet skiiers in Boynton Inlet.

35). Wide shot of pier and officer waving.

36). A1A flooding. Brief shot – Camera ruined from salt water.

37). Roadway flooding (using backup camera from here on).

38). Flooded frontage and home.

39). Entrance flooded to marina.

SID: Christopher Collura

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