Hurricane Dorian, Cocoa Beach FL overnight – 9/4/2019

The outer squall bands of Hurricane Dorian reach Cocoa Beach Florida bringing impressive gusts and blasting wind driven rain. Sign damage. Overnight storm video. 1080p 60fps.
Shot Description

1) Hurricane flags blow at night at Cocoa Beach fire station.
2,3,4) Three varied shots of wind driven rain blasting across lighted parking lot as squall bands from Dorian come ashore.
5,6,7,8) Four shots of back lighted palms getting hammered by high end tropical storm force winds and rain.
9,10,11,12) Four short of side lighted palms getting hammered by strong wind and rain.
13) Parking lot lamp and wind driven rain.
14,15,16) Three shots of lighted sign damaged by wind. Sign is bent over.
17,18,19,20) Four shots of palms lighted in parking lot getting hit with wind and rain.
21) Boat bounces in waves at dock on intercoastal.
22) Palm lighted by street lamp getting hit with wind and rain.
23) Thick palm branch down in parking lot.
23) Wind driven rain and palms in wind in background.
24) Demonstrating the sound of Dorian’s winds on the 16th floor of Xanadu condo in Cocoa Beach FL.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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