Storm Chaser Drives Up To Ellendale, MN Tornado And Debris – 8/13/2019

Raw video from the chase today as I drove up to the tornado near Ellendale, MN and into the debris field.

I was on county road 21 NW of Ellendale. Time. 4:34 pm my phone says. Tornado is to my north east. I was traveling east. Crossed the road in front of me about 50 feet. Had a lot of corn stocks in the air and falling down around me at the end of the video.
Shot Description

Pretty much raw video straight through as I followed the tornado near Ellendale, MN as it formed and then crossed the road right in front of me in the first part of the video. The end of the video is when I get out of my truck in the falling debris as the tornado dissipates.

SID: David Hindermann

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