Sartell, MN Flash Flooding Severe Storm – 8/13/2019

A severe thunderstorm hit the city of Sartell this afternoon and dumped heavy rain that rapidly flooded several roads and intersections.

At times the water on Pine Cone Road was over a foot deep at 2 1/2 Street.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Dark clouds moving into into the area.

Clip 2 Weak rotation and possible funnel cloud.

Clip 3 POV Driving in heavy rain.

Clip 4 POV Driving in heavy rain.

Clip 5 Cars driving through deep water on Pine Cone Road near the arena.

Clip 6 – 7 Sartell Police squad car block Pine Cone Road as heavy rain falls and flooding from the street ours into the ditch.

Clip 8 Tight shot of the water flowing from the road into the ditch.

Clip 9 Traffic on Pine Cone Road in the flooding.

Clip 10 Pickup truck driving through the flooding.

Clip 11-14 Several vehicles driving through the flooded road.

Clip 15 Police block part of Pine Cone Road from traffic driving into the flooding.

Clip 16 Water that is over 12 inches deep spinning around a storm drain.

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