Amazing timelapsed Microburst from Stanfield, Arizona – 8/10/2019

Isolated monsoon thunderstorms produce strong downbursts and heavy rain in Arizona.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Wide time lapse of strong microburst about 5 miles south of the camera and about 40 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona near Interstate 8.

Shot 2: Medium Time Lapse of several microbursts including two up close.

Shot 3: Medium time lapse of another microburst

Shot 4: Tight shot of cars driving down a rural road with microburst happening behind.

Shot 5: Tight shot of outflow winds another rain foot pushing north towards Phoenix.

Shot 6: Medium shot of downburst in real time. Even in real time, the motion of the downburst is visible.

Shot 7: Tight shot of downburst in real time.

Shot 8: Extreme tight shot of downburst.

SID: Bryan Snider

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