Sunset Point, Arizona – Slow Motion Lightning at Sunset – 8/3/2019

Slow-motion video of monsoon thunderstorm lightning taken from the Sunset Point, Arizona rest area.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Close-up slow-motion lightning captured at 500fps with vivid sunset colors.
Shot 2: Wide shot of slow-motion lightning striking the mountains.
Shot 3: Close-up bolt with step leaders coming down from the sky.
Shot 4: Close-up with potentially positive cloud to ground strike with step leaders. Another shot camera left of large step leader.
Shot 5: Sunset bolt close-up.
Shot 6: Wide shot of sunset bolt.
Shot 7: Wide shot of bolt near the end of sunset.
Shot 8: Ultra-wide of sunset lighting.
Shot 9: Close-up of several strikes
Shot 10-13: Wide shot of cloud to ground strike with step leaders.

SID: Bryan Sndier

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