Sarasota, FL Heavy Rain, Flooded Road and Beach – 7/9/2019

As a broad low enters the NE Gulf of Mexico and moves south, heavy rain and road flooding impacts Florida residents. Also shots from beaches showing growing surface and loggerhead sea turtle nests at risk from July tropical weather systems in the Gulf of Mexico. 1080p 60 fps video.
Shot Description

1-10) Ten shots of traffic plowing through flooded roads in Sarasota County during heavy morning rain.
11) Rain soaked Nokomis beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota County.
12) Flooded road at beach entrance.
13) Sea oats blow in wind at Nokomis beach.
14) Panning shot shows dark clouds offshore and growing surf in southwest winds.
15,16,17) Three shots of mother and child picking up shells in growing surf on beach.
18,19) Two tighter shots of building surf at beach.
20) Loggerhead turtle nest warning sign on nest site.
21,22,23,24) Four shots of loggerhead turtle nests close to shore and at risk of being destroyed by early season tropical storm surge events prior to hatching.

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