Renville County, Buffalo Lake, MN Severe Storms – 6/4/2019

Severe storms hit central Minnesota on Tuesday afternoon with extreme winds that kicked up a lot of dirt and dust from the freshly plowed farm fields in Renville County, MN
Shot Description

Clip 1 Lightning from the dash camera.

Clip 2 Rising clouds and dust.

Clip 3 – 4 Storm Inflow and dust and dirt being lofted into the air.

Clip 5 – 6 Extreme winds and outflow kicking up a lot of dust that some were mistaking as tornado.

Clip 7 – 14 Extreme winds slam the the area to the northeast of Buffalo Lake, MN and knock down power-lines.

Clip 15 Aftermath of downed power-lines.

Clip 16 Power-lines are still live and spark in the field.

Clip 17 Lightning from the rear camera.

Clip 18 High winds blowing dust with downed power-lines.

Clip 19 Rear camera showing power-lines sparking.

Clip 20 – End Rear camera lightning clips.


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