El Reno, OK Tornado Destroyed Trailer Park And Hotel – 5/26/2019

Footage outside of the American Budget Value Inn, in El Reno, OK showing the extensive tornado damage to the hotel as parts of the second floor are ripped off and destroyed.

Zoomed in on what is left of a trailer park that was heavily damaged.

At this time we have confirmed two fatalities from the tornado.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Wide shot that zooms in and pans around the damage. You can see the upper floor ripped off and then when the camera pans to the left, that is what is left of a trailer park that was behind the hotel. You can see parts of trailers and debris all over the place. Camera pans back right for tight shots on crews in the damage.

Clip 2 Footage of the rescue personal on scene and vehicles as the road is blocked off and the area is locked down.

SID: Chris McBee

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