El Reno, OK EF3 Tornado Damage – 5/26/2019

Around 10:30 PM Saturday, May 25, 2019, a QLCS tornado touched down in the city of El Reno, OK. This tornado was rated an EF-3 with a width of 75 yards and was on the ground for 4 minutes as it tracked to the northeast 2.2 miles. The hardest hit area was near the intersection of Hwy 40 and 66 where a two-story hotel, trailer park, and car dealership were all located. Around 29 people were injured in the hotel that was destroyed and two were killed. This video includes shots of the damage from the city of El Reno including the car dealership that is totaled according to friends of the owner of the dealership and the hotel that was hit.
Shot Description

Clip 1: A garage that was completely destroyed on the east side of town along 66

Clip 2-10: Various clips, both close and wide, of the damage to the hotel that was completely destroyed

Clip 11: Wide shot looking northeast of the damage path from the tornado as it crossed 40 going towards the car dealership. The hotel would be right behind me.

Clip 12-13: Clip of a pile of damage being collected from the storage facility next to the car dealership and a clip of a bobcat adding more debris to the pile

Clip 14: Clip of a father and son looking at the damage from the tornado

Clip 15-25: Various clips of the damage from the tornado to the car dealership including close up and wide angle shots of the vehicles in the lot, debris thrown on top of the vehicles, shattered windows, knocked over light poles, roof and structural damage to the total car dealership

Clip 26-34: Clips of more damage surrounding the dealership including a metal fence that was completely flattened and severe structural damage to the back side of the car dealership building

SID: William Wight

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