Flash Flooding hits Lubbock, TX – 5/24/2019

Severe thunderstorms training over Lubbock TX caused flash flooding across the area, making roads nearly impassible, and flooding fields and homes.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: A car stalled out in the water as other vehicles carefully negotiate a flooded street.
SHOT 2: A jack-knifed tractor trailer on the median of Hwy 82 east of Lubbock TX.
SHOT 3: Drive-by view of a flooded home east of Lubbock TX.
SHOT 4: An illuminated sign warning of flooded roads ahead.
SHOT 5: Close-up shot of a center pivot irrigation system surrounded by flood waters.
SHOT 6 & 7 Cars driving slowly through floodwaters on Hwy 82 in Lubbock TX.
SHOT 8: Following behind a car driving through deep flood waters, passing a flooded cemetery.
SHOT 9: Driving by flooded fields and trees along Hwy 82 east of Lubbock TX.
SHOT 10: Panning shot of a flooded farm field, showing the wide extent of the flooding.
SHOT 11: Driving down Hwy 82 during the intense rain and hail that caused the flooding.

SID: David Lewison

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