Butler County, KS Tornadic Storm Damage and Flooding – 5/24/2019

Severe storms with torrential rains hammered flood-battered Kansas on Friday leading to Flash Flood Emergencies posted all over the region, including in Wichita. Severe storms also dropped a few tornadoes in the area, including one in the town of Douglass, about 30 miles southeast of Wichita. Some minor damage was reported in town due to a reported tornado. That storm became part of a complex of storms that dumped over half a foot of rain in just a couple of hours, leading to widespread flooding.

Video package opens with the Douglass storm as it moved northeast toward US-400, just south of Eldorado. Video then picks up as the storms moved through Eldorado with intense rains and lightning that did some damage in town. Both videos shot in Butler County, east and southeast of Wichita.
Shot Description

PART 1 (0:00-1:09) Douglass, Kansas

Scene 1: Wide shot of very ominous storm as it moved northeast from Douglass.

Scene 2: Panning shot along the leading edge of tornadic storm.

Scene 3: Inflow feature on the leading edge of the storm.

Scene 4: Wide shot as storm approaches Cole Creek Road south of the town of Leon.

Scene 5: Zoomed in shot of lowering clouds.

Scene 6: Driving shot as a wall cloud attempts to organize.

Scene 7: Bowl lowering approaching Cole Creek Road.

Scene 8: Rising scud on the storm’s leading edge.

PART 2 (1:10-4:28) Eldorado, Kansas

Scene 9-10: POV driving shots in torrential rains causing traffic to slow down.

Scene 11: Traffic driving slowly through torrential downpour.

Scene 12: White truck driving through rain.

Scene 13-14: Eldorado fire on scene at a building that was hit by lightning.

Scene 15-18: House damaged by a tree that was struck by lightning and fell onto the roof, partially caving it in. Debris from the tree covered the roof of a nearby garage.

Scene 19-20: Residents wading through calf-deep water in a neighborhood street.

Scene 21-23: Water rushing through backyards of homes in the south side of town.

Scene 24-25: Vehicles navigating through flood waters on a street with two garbage containers in the water on the road.

Scene 26-27: Shots of vehicles driving through flood waters in Eldorado.

Scene 28: Oncoming pickup truck driving through flood waters as driver opens door to ensure water is shallow enough to drive through.

Scene 29: Shot of a down limb in a front yard starting to flood with the garbage containers laying in the flooded street behind it.

Scene 30: Tighter shot of the two garbage containers in the flooded street.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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