Sedgwick County, KS Heavy Rain and Wrecks on i-35 – 5/20/2019

Torrential rains in Kansas on the north side of a major outbreak of severe weather are adding to significant flooding concerns as well as making travel hazardous. Strong winds and blinding rain lead to several crashes on I-35 south of Wichita, including a rollover wreck that minorly injured an older woman.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Wide shot of crash scene in southern Sedgwick County with car rolled over in the ditch and EMS on scene.

Scene 2: Tight shot of upside-down car in the ditch.

Scene 3: Fire fighter walking woman to ambulace.

Scene 4: Wide shot as woman and fire fighter get into ambulance.

Scene5-6: POV driving shots passing two other wrecks into the center median.

Scene 7-8: POV driving shots in torrential blinding rain on I-35.

Scenes 9-10: Shots of semi trucks with hazard lights waiting out storm on I-35.

Scenes 11-14: Minor street flooding clips from earlier storms in Wichita.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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