Melrose, MN Heavy Snow from late season storm – 5/8/2019

A very late season winter storm system is once again impacting the upper Midwest and dipping down as far south as central Minnesota. The snow was pretty much a surprise as the storm system dipped further south then expected. Footage shot in the city of Melrose, MN were several inches of heavy wet snow covered the ground.

MnDot crew’s had to race to get their trucks back into winter mode as most of their trucks were switched over for spring and summer road maintenance and repair work.
Shot Description

Clip 1, Stop sign covered in snow.

Clip 2 Melrose city sign covered in snow.

Clip 3 Snow Plow passing the camera.

Clip 4 Melrose, school digital sign with snow falling showing the time and temp.

Clip 5 Driving in heavy wet snow and talking about how this is pretty unusual.

Clip 6 A Robin in the snow covered grass.

Clip 7 Heavy snow falling with road sign.

Clip 8 Heavy snow falling with trees in the distance.

Clip 9 Very tight shot of a Tulip covered in ice and snow.

Clip 10 Tight shot of Tulips with snow and ice covering them.

Clip 11 Wide shot of the Tulips with the snow.

Clip 12 Very tight shot of a Tulip covered in ice and snow.

Clip 13 Yellow flowers drooping with snow on the ground and covering them.

Clip 14 Tree leaf buds trying to bloom with ice and snow covering them.

Clip 15 Tree branch with ice covering parts of the branch and the leaf buds.

Clip 16 – 19 Snow plows

Clip 20 Driving in the snow

SID: Doug Kiesling

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