Severe storms, flooding and storm damage in Mulvane, KS – 5/7/2019

A third day of severe weather hammers Kansas bringing with it high winds and torrential rains which are adding to flooding concerns across the state. Rose Hill, south of Wichita, recorded over 5-inches of rain in a two hour time frame Tuesday afternoon. High winds did some tree damage and knocked down power lines near Haysville.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Panning shot of supercell storm south of Wichita near the town of Mulvane.

Scene 2-3: Strong inflow feeding storm.

Scene 4-5: Scud rising into storm’s base.

Scene 6-7: Shots of wall cloud crossing the road as rain starts falling.

Scene 8-9: POV driving shots in heavy rain.

Scene 10: Traffic driving in the rain.

Scene 11-15: Various shots of traffic stopped on the highway with emergency flashers as rain created very low visibility.

Scene 16: Traffic in very heavy rain.

Scene 17: Wind blowing rain across the highway.

Scene 18-20: Large tree limb down in a driveway.

Scene 21-23: Shots of remnants of power lines blown down in the wind. A utility truck supports the replacement pole with power lines down over a fence.

Scene 24: Tree limb down in a flooded yard.

Scene 25: Large tree limb down in a flooded yard.

Scene 26: Cars driving through water in the road.

Scene 27: Flood waters in yards.

Scene 28: Flooded neighborhood street in Mulvane.

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