Vicksburg, MS Tornado Damage and Flooding – 4/13/2019

A tornado impacted Vicksburg, MS. One small area was hit the hardest where a Kroger and its gas station was heavily damaged. Cars in the parking lot had heavy damage and debris from the neighborhood was scattered across the area.

Flooding also occurred with these storms, causing travel problems and even mud slides.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Tight shot on refrigeration units that were tossed and destroyed from a nearby gas station

Shot 2: Mid shot on a store that was destroyed when the roof appears to have caved in

Shot 3: Tight shot on the owner? looking into the store in disbelief

Shot 4: Tight shot on pickup truck with blown out tires, shattered windshield and passenger side window

Shot 5: Tight shot on a vehicle windshield that was busted out

Shot 6: Wide shot on trees, carts and debris tossed around Kroger parking lot

Shot 7: Tight shot showing glass broken out of a vehicle, with flashing emergency lights in background

Shot 8: Mid shot on a gas station there the door caved in

Shot 9: Tight shot on part of the Kroger roof tossed about .10 miles away to the south

Shot 10: Tight shot on refrigeration units that were tossed and destroyed from a nearby gas station

Shot 11: Panning shot through the Kroger parking lot

Shot 12: Mid shot on debris that impacted a bank and made a hole in the side of the building

Shot 13: Tight shot on hole in the bank wall from debris impact

Shot 14: Wide shot on damage cleanup etc from Kroger gas station, also showing the damages

Shot 15: Tight shot on damaged store where roofs/walls collapsed

Shot 16: Tight shot on a truck where a tree limb is lodged underneath lifting the truck up, flashing emergency lights in background.

Shot 17: Mid shot on tree blocking road and flooding occurring.

Shot 18: Mid shot on tree/trash can blocking road and flooding occurring.

Shot 19: Wide shot on a mudslide area, where mud has came onto the road.

Shot 20: Tight shot of mud still actively sliding down the side of the road.

Shot 21: Driver POV video showing driving into water, with water splash up.

Shot 22: Driver POV video showing blinding rainfall on I-20 east of Vicksburg

SID: Meteorologist Brandon Sullivan

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