Stranded trucks in intense snow in Jefferson County, NY – 1/31/2019

Due to the intense lake effect snow, tractor trailers were routed off Interstate 81, and on to the side roads in Adams NY, and they quickly became stranded on the icy roads, as the town was buried under more than 2 feet of snow.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Police struggle against white-out conditions while directing traffic in Adams, NY.
SHOT 2: State Troopers discuss how to free a bunch of stranded tractor trailers in Adams, NY.
SHOT 3: A plow passes by as police direct traffic in an intersection.
SHOT 4: Panning shot of a line of stranded tractor trailers in Adams, NY.
SHOT 5: A man uses a snow blower to clear more than 2 feet of snow.
SHOT 6: A man clears off nearly 2 feet of snow from his truck.
SHOT 7 & 8: Shot of cars buried in deep snow.
SHOT 9, 10, 11, 12: People struggling to shovel deep snow in heavy snow & wind.
SHOT 13: A large snow plow passes by.
SHOT 14: True white-out conditions in a residential area of Adams, NY.
SHOT 15: People shoveling have nowhere to put the snow because it is too high!
SHOT 16: Shot of deep snow accumulation on a house.

SID: Dave Lewison

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