Mannsville, NY Heavy Snow Blizzard Conditions – 1/31/2019

Incredibly heavy snow; like a ‘waterfall of snow’ buries Mannsville NY where an astounding 4-5 feet snow total is expected!!! Cars, trucks and semis are stranded on interstate as very heavy snow causes accidents in Mannsville NY.
Arctic airmass breaking low temperature records over Midwest is moving over Lake Ontario creating an unbelievably strong Lake Effect Snow Event!

All footage shot in/near Mannsville NY during morning daylight on January 31, 2019 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-15. various shots of cars, trucks and tractor-trailer semis accidents: stranded in ditches after sliding off I-81 Highway in Mannsville NY, some with police assistance with incredibly heavy snow falling

16-19. Insanely heavy snow falling; like a ‘Snow Waterfall’ causing whiteout conditions on I-81 highway in Mannsville NY

20. Snowplow clearing snow and ice from I-81 near Mannsville NY

21. snow-covered trees along I-81 near Mannsville NY

SID: Simon Brewer

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