Jefferson County, NY Blizzard Whiteout – 1/31/2019

Intense lake effect snow causes treacherous travel and whiteout conditions as several feet of snow fall on Jefferson County, NY
Shot Description

Shot 1: A man struggles to walk in waist deep snow in Jefferson County, NY
Shot 2: A vehicle spins it’s tires as it struggles to make it up a hill near Adams Center, NY.
Shots 3-4: People brave near whiteout conditions as they snow blow their driveways.
Shot 5: A vehicle navigates deep snow on a local road in Jefferson County, NY
Shots 6-7: Workers at a local car dealership clear deep snow off of vehicles in their parking lot near Adams, NY.
Shots 8-9: Traffic on a local road navigate in whiteout conditions.
Shot 10: Shot of a residential home in Jefferson County, NY as very heavy lake effect snow falls.

SID: Scott McPartland

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