Sauk Centre, MN Crashes, High Winds And Blowing Snow – 12/31/2018

Strong winds, slick roads and near white out conditions made for a hazardous New Years Eve on the roads in central Minnesota. Footage shot in western Stearns County of blowing snow, and accidents. Includes footage of Snow Plow vs Car crash aftermath.

Conditions at the time were near ground blizzard with sustained winds of 30mph.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Blowing snow over Highway 28
Clip 2 Blowing snow with near ground blizzard conditions.
Clip 3 County Road since flapping in the wind.
Clip 4 – 9 Stearns County Snow Plow vs Jeep crash aftermath. Interview with Karen Garcia about what happened. Audio has wind clipping.

Clip 10 – 11 Car in the ditch getting buried by the blowing snow.
Clip 12 Passing MnDot sign warning of crash ahead.
Clip 13 – 14 POV Passing Crashes on I94
Clip 15 Blowing snow and traffic on Highway 28
Clip 16 Driving in blowing snow on Highway 28
Clip 17 – 19 Near Ground Blizzard conditions and a wind farm with several large blades spinning in the high winds with the sun trying to come out but the area near the surface is blowing snow.


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