Alexandria, MN, Douglas County Interstate 94 Crashes – 12/27/2018

Very slipper road conditions continued throughout the evening for central Minnesota along Interstate 94 in Douglas County where numerous accidents were reported including several jack knifed semi trucks.

Clip 1 POV Drive past a Jack Knifed semi truck

Clip 2-3 Static shot from the side of the interstate looking down at the Jack Knifed Semi truck as crews worked to pull it back onto the road.

Clip 4 Tight shot of the crews pulling the semi truck out of the ditch

Clip 5 State Trooper SUV blocking traffic

Clip 6 Pulling the Semi onto the road

Clip 7 Snow plow passes the scene

Clip 8 American Flag blowing in the high winds

Clip 9 Passing a truck in the ditch

Clip 10 POV Passing a snow plow coming towards the camera

Clip 11 Driving in poor road conditions and blowing snow

Clip 12 SUV stuck in the ditch

Clip 13 Passing a crash scene with multiple vehicles being recovered (long clip)

Clip 14 Passing a crash scene on Interstate 94

Clip 15 SUV stuck in the ditch in the cable barrier

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