Wakenney, KS I-70 Winter Storm Travel Hazard – 10/14/2018

The first major winter storm of the season hammers western Kansas with strong winds, gusting over 50mph at times, and dumping several inches of snow. The heavy snowfall rates made I-70 a treacherous drive between Oakley and Hays as several inches of snow fell in a couple hours time, covering roads and leading to some spin outs.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-2: Shot of heavy snow falling around a KDOT sign warning drivers of icy spots on I-70.

Scene 3: Wide shot of a spin out between the two Wakenney exits with a state trooper on the shoulder and a vehicle well off the highway.

Scene 4: Trooper talking to the driver of the car near the spin out.

Scene 5-6: Tighter shots of the vehicle spun out off the road.

Scene 7-8: A semi truck got stuck on ice and was unable to get traction to get moving from under the I-70 bridge at Exit 128. It blocked the northbound lane of US283 at the bridge. A state trooper sitting behind the truck with lights flashing.

Scene 9: Shot from the front of the semi with the state trooper behind it.

Scene 10: Oncoming snow plow on I-70 as heavy snow falls.

Scene 11-12: POV driving shot from behind a snow plow on I-70 clearing snow off the road.

Scene 13: Tight shot of snow flying off blade on I-70.

Scene 14: POV driving shot with oncoming snowplow in westbound lanes and long line of cars driving slowly behind it as it snows heavily.

Scene 15-16: POV driving shots of multiple vehicles slowly driving on a snow-covered I-70.

Scene 17-18: A pickup truck on a completely snow covered US-283 on the north side of Wakeeney.

Scene 19-20: Oncoming traffic driving through the snow on I-70.

Scene 21: Semi truck crossing over a bridge on I-70 in Wakenney in heavy snow.

Scene 22: Parked car barely visible in the heavy falling snow.

Scene 23-24: Vehicles getting on to I-70 in Wakeeney as snow severely limits visibility.

Scene 25: Semi trucks parked at a truck stop as heavy snow falls.

Scene 26: Black truck at a gas pump at the truck stop in Wakeeney as heavy snow falls.

Scene 27: Heavy snow falling with a grass backdrop.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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