Rice Lake, WI Heavy Snow Falling – 10/14/2018

A burst of heavy snow greeted folks in Northwestern WI on Sunday morning into the afternoon. Snow was sticking to the grass and trees. There was no travel headaches, as payment was to warm for snow to stick. However the heavy snow did make for a beautiful Morning and afternoon across the area, and it didn’t spot a guy and his kid from going fishing.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Someone going fishing in the heavy snow.
Clip 2. Ducks in the heavy snow.
Clip 3. Snow falling with heavy snow.
Clip 4. Closer shot of the heavy snow falling and fall colors.
Clip 5. Heavy snow falling with fall colors.
Clip 6. Pine tree covered in snow with snow falling.
Clip 7.. The start of the snow with fall colors.
Clip 8-9. Snow with more fall colors.
Clip 10. Snow covered bushes with snow falling.
Clip 11. Snow covered fern.
Clip 12. Snow on the leafs.
Clip 13. Snow covered trees with snow falling.
Clip 14. Snow on colorful leafs.
Clip 15. Snow covered grass.
Clip 16. Snow covered grass with leafs.
Clip 17. More snow covered leafs.
Clip 18. Snow sticking to a windshield.

SID: Dirk Miller

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