Mexico Beach, FL Massive devastation from Hurricane Michael – 10/10/2018

Footage showing the major aftermath and devastation at Ground Zero for Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, FL.

Whole Neighborhoods have been wiped out to EF5 like damage where only the concrete slabs remain with Debris EVERYWHERE.

Lots of clips, including collapsed buildings, remains of a home floating down the creek as the reverse storm surge pushes back out to sea and just total devastation.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Pavement ripped up from the wind and surge heading into Mexico Beach from the west.

Clip 2 Massive debris floating in the surge and what is remaining of what looks to be a house floating away down the creek.

Clip 3 Interview with injured survivors that rode out the storm and their home collapsed and was destroyed with them in it.

Clip 4 Huge debris piles blocking Highway 98.

Clip 5 Sheet Metal wrapped around a tree.

Clip 6 Destroyed Boats and Debris.

Clip 7 Driving in shot of all the debris and damage.

Clip 8 Extreme damage all over.

Clip 9 Huge Boats washed up on shore.

Clip 10 Destroyed boats and debris.

Clip 11 Destroyed Boats

Clip 12 Destroyed Boat

Clip 13 Surge flowing back out from the land into the creek

Clip 14 – 15 Destroyed collapsed building

Clip 16 Neighborhood wiped out and destroyed with only debris remaining

Clip 17 Massive debris and a boat wedged into a house.

Clip 18 Piles of debris

Clip 19 Pull back shot of what was a neighborhood is now destroyed and just debris.

Clip 20 Debris blocking Highway 98

Clip 21 Debris of a Yamaha Sign

Clip 22 A Neighborhood Wiped Out

Clip 23-24 Only concrete pads and debris remains of this Neighborhood. Looks like Ef5 Damage.

Clip 25-26 Concrete slab is all that remains of a home

Clip 27-30 More concrete slabs where a home once stood

Clip 31 The wind is pushing the fan but this is all that remains of someones home. Pull back shot of a Air Conditioner Unit.

Clip 32 More destroyed homes

Clip 33 – 34 Boat covered in debris in the water and upended

Clip 35 Massive piles of debris blocking Highway 98

Clip 36 More debris piled up on Highway 98

Clip 37 Debris and a boat blocking Highway 98

Clip 38 A slot machine reading 777 but not their lucky day.

Clip 39 More debris over Highway 98

Clip 40 More damage

Clip 41 Debris and boat blocking Highway 98

Clip 42 Destroyed building for a gift shop and pottery shop

Clip 43 Another street with very few structures left remaining

Clip 44 Destroyed boats and cars next to a condo building

Clip 45 Jeep with someones roof on its hood. Shot at sunset so color is off

Clip 46 And last, what remains of the University of Florida Hurricane Probe that was blown over and destroyed by the wind on Highway 98

SID: Doug Kiesling

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