Southern, KS Major Flooding – 10/9/2018

Several days of heavy rains have lead to major flooding across the state of Kansas. Numerous flood warnings have been posted for dozens of rivers, streams, and creeks that are expected to rise to major and near record levels through the weekend. Reports up to a foot of rain fell in areas since the weekend. The rains finally ceased across the region, but more rain could fall this weekend. Less than 6 months ago, much of Kansas was under exceptional drought or worse, now is completely drought free. Meanwhile the first snow of the season fell in the northwest part of the state leaving a dusting of snow in areas such as St. Francis near Goodland late Tuesday afternoon.

Video package shot in the towns of Kingman and Medicine Lodge. Kingman is about an hour west of Wichita and Medicine Lodge is about 2 hours southwest of Wichita. See shot sheet for scenes.
Shot Description

PART 1 – KINGMAN, KS (0:00-3:35)

Kingman video opens with an Emergency Manager getting stuck in a driveway and required a bulldozer to pull him out. Several roads in town were closed due to high water along with the city’s park.

Scene 1: Bulldozer dragging the red Emergency Manager truck through the water.

Scene 2: Shot of bulldozer pulling the truck clear of the water.

Scene 3: Shot of the bulldozer and the truck on the muddy road.

Scene 4: Bulldozer driving through a flooded road after it clears the truck.

Scene 5-7: Shots of the bulldozer arriving on scene, including a close up of the guys in the bulldozer as they get to the truck.

Scene 8-10: Shots of the guys chaining up the truck and preparring to pull it free.

Scene 11: Red truck leaving through the flooded road.

Scene 12: Black truck driving toward the camera through flood waters.

Scene 13: Blue truck driving away from the camera through flood waters.

Scene 14: Shot of a Kingman home completely surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 15: Truck in two feet of water.

Scene 16: Another home surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 17: Shot looking down a flooded street.

Scene 18-21: Cool shots of water raging through a culvert.

PART 2 – MEDICINE LODGE, KS (3:36-5:29)

Scene 22: Shot of road closed sign blocking access to flooded city park. The road has been washed out.

Scene 23: Tight shot of water rushing beneath street closed sign.

Scene 24: Panning shot of the flood waters crossing the road into the park.

Scene 25-27: Shots looking down Washington Avenue north of the park; parts of the street were completely washed out. Barricades were in the water at the far side.

Scene 28-29: Park buildings inundated in the water.

Scene 30: Wide shot of the flooded park.

Scene 31: Park benches submerged in the flood waters.

Scene 32: Basketball court in flood waters.

Scene 33: Wide shot of a park shelter in flood waters.

Scene 34: A turtle pokes his head out of the flooding on a road.

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