Hurricane Florence homes flooded vehicles stalling, Warsaw, NC – 9/15/2018

Warning – Do Not Drive Through Flood Waters!!! Watch The Video!

Hurricane Florence’s heavy rains caused severe flooding inland. Numerous roads and interstates had to be shut down because they were covered by flood waters. Homes and vehicles were submerged by the flood waters.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Vehicles attempting to cross a flooded road. One of them stalls out in the middle of the flood waters.
SHOT 2: Passing shot of a flooded home and two vehicles.
SHOT 3: A car partially flooded as heavy rain pours down.
SHOT 4: Passing shot of a vehicle submerged in flood waters.
SHOT 5: Police roadblock to prevent traffic from crossing a flooded road.
SHOT 6 & 7: Passing shot of flooded homes.
SHOT 8: Panning shot of a flooded church as heavy rain pours down.
SHOT 9: Passing shot of a flooded home.
SHOT 10: Traffic driving through mild flooding on the road.

SID: David Lewison

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