Queens, New York City, NY Severe Storm and Lightning – 8/7/2018

Severe thunderstorms blast through the New York Metro with dangerous cloud to ground lightning and torrential rains.
Shot Description

Shots 1-3: Intense and very close cloud to ground lightning striking over a row of homes in Middle Village, Queens (real time and slow motion).
Shots 4-5: Ominous storm clouds and a possible Wall Cloud overtake a residential neighborhood in Queens, NY.
Shot 6: Cloud to ground lightning strike
Shot 7: Torrential rains falling
Shot 8: A woman walking home from work is soaked by torrential rains, despite having an umbrella.
Shots 9-11: Windswept torrential rains falling, water piling up in a planter.
Shot 12: A lightning strike temporarily cuts power to a street light in Queens, NY.
Shot 13: Torrential rains falling.

SID: Scott McPartland

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