Ecological Disaster – Red Tide Reaches Tampa Bay, FL 8/8/2018

The Red Tide reaches the mouth of Tampa Bay. The Red Tide outbreak along the southwest coast of Florida that has been killing fish and other marine life as well as causing serious respiratory issues has finally reached the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Florida Red Tide is caused by the karenia brevis algae which emits an airborne neuro-toxin when it blooms. It is natural occurring but is believe to be exaggerated in frequency and intensity by fertilizer run-off from coastal development and unexpected heavy rain such as that from pre-season storm Alberto.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Shot of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in the distance with fish floating in the foreground.

Clip 2 Sign marking The Anna Maria City Pier.

Clip 3 Entrance to the Anna Maria City Pier that pans down to show the Skyway Bridge in the distance and a no trespassing sign and boat then pans back up.

Clip 4 Lots of dead fish along the coast line.

Clip 5 Sign warning Manatee Area.

Clip 6 Tight shot of dead fish floating in the water.

Clip 7 Tight shot of a dead fish.

Clip 8 Lots of dead fish.

Clip 9 Dead fish on top of the white beach sand.

Clip 10 Shot of the water as more fish are drifting in to the shore.

Clip 11 – 12 Wide shot of lots of dead fish drifting into shore.

Clip 13 Low shot of fish bloated on the surface with a boat in the back ground.

Clip 14 Tight shot on a bloated Goliath Grouper on its back.

Clip 15 Wide shot of the shore line and boats.

Clip 16 More dead fish.

Clip 17 – 21 Various shots of dead fish.

Clip 22 Shot of boat and pan down to dead Grouper and other fish.

Clip 23 Turtle Nest

Clip 24 – 25 Medium and wide clip of someone on the beach relaxing before it gets worse.

Clip 26 – 28 Location shots.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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