Saint Cloud, MN Area Flash Flooding – 8/3/2018

A flash flood warning was issued for the Saint Cloud, MN metro area during the overnight hours as the heavy rain continued to fall.

Lots of intersections were flooded which and caught some drivers off guard when they could not tell how deep the intersection really where.

The rushing water in the storm drains was so powerful that it even blew some man hole covers off Veterans Drive.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Heavy Rain on Highway 23 as the flash flood warning tones came over the phone.

Clip 2 The loading docks for the buildings at 25th Avenue and 1st Street South where the flood water was up to the large doors. The water was about four feet deep here.

Clip 3 Car stalled out in the flood waters as another driver ignores the waters and drives right into the flooding at 25th Avenue and Highway 23.

Clip 4 Police officer standing in the flood waters next to a stalled out vehicle at 25th Avenue and Highway 23.

Clip 5 Woman trying to check on her flooded out car on 25th Ave

Clip 6 Traffic in the flooding at 25th Avenue and Highway 23.

Clip 7 Woman walking in the flood waters.

Clip 8 Traffic at 25th Avenue and Highway 23 where fire fighters were trying to walk across the street to check on the vehicles but traffic ignored the lights and drove through the red lights at the fire fighters.

Clip 9 Fire fighters standing in the flood waters waiting for the water to recede.

Clip 10 Flooded parking lot

Clip 11 Police blocking veterans drive at 33rd Avenue was the water was several feet deep. Pull back shot.

Clip 12 Water draining into a storm sewer where a man hole cover was blown off by the force of the rushing water in the sewer system.

Clip 13 Shot of the man hole cover sitting next to the open man hole in the middle of the street on Veterans Drive.

Following clips were in Sartell, MN (Right next to Saint Cloud on the NW side)

Clip 14 Flooded intersection on 2nd Street and Pine Cone Drive.

Clip 15 Car driving through the flood waters as camera pulls back and pans right and stops on the police SUV.

Clip 16 Flooding outside Sartell City Hall

Clip 17 POV shot following fire truck on Benton Drive where a vehicle was in several feet of water.

Clip 18 – 19 Vehicle stalled out in high water

Clip 20 Crews arriving on the scene to block traffic from driving into the flood water.

SID: Doug Kiesling

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