Atwater, MN Storm and Storm Damage – 8/3/2018

A line of severe storms and radar indicated tornado warning hit the west central part of the state of Minnesota this evening and left extensive damage in the town of Atwater, MN. Atwater is about 15 miles east of Willmar, MN or 80 miles west of Minneapolis, MN.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Time lapse of the storms moving in to the area.

Clip 2 Looking north as the storms move over the area near Willmar and heading towards Atwater.

Clip 3 – 6 Lightning

Clip 7 POV Dash in the rain with clouds lowering in the distance

Clip 8 Large wooden sign blown over and snapped off at the base of the legs

Clip 9 – 11 Large tree down

Clip 12 – 13 Large trees down on two pickup trucks. You can barely see the one truck under the branches.

Clip 14 Large tree snapped off at the base and balancing on part of the trunk and on the roof of a home.

Clip 15 – 16 Large tree down on a home.

Clip 17 Damaged street light.

Clip 18 Large tree snapped off about 10 feet up from the base of the trunk.

Clip 19 – 21 Large tree down and smashed a street sign.

SID: Doug Kiesling

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