Mobile, AL Late Evening Severe Weather – 4/14/2018

On the evening of April 14th, a line of severe weather moved through the Mobile metro area causing street flooding and gusty winds. Once the line moved though overnight, vivid lightning lit up the sky causing some power outages.
Shot Description

Shot 1, wide, Waves crashing onto roadway
Shot 2, wide, Waves crashing with sea spray
Shot 3, medium, Waves crashing on roadway
Shot 4, medium, Flags and static helicopter blades in 30kt sustained winds
Shot 5, tight, Waves crashing on shoreline with bay debris
Shot 6, tight, Birds on shoreline in wind
Shot 7, medium, Choppy bay with USS Alabama
Shot 8, medium, Birds in wind
Shot 9, medium, Heavy rain
Shot 10, wide, Power flickering at strip mall with vivid lightning
Shot 11, medium, Lightning with thunder
Shot 12, medium, Vivid lightning
Shot 13, tight, Drainage in parking lot
Shot 14, wide, Vivid lightning
Shot 15, wide, Vivid lightning
Shot 16, wide, Vivid lightning
Shot 17, wide, Vivid lightning
Shot 18, wide, Vivid lightning with thunder

SID: Ryan Cartee

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