Twin Cities April Blizzard Shuts Down The Metro – 4/14/2018

Video Footage from a Powerful & Historic Blizzard effecting the inner Twin cities Metro area with True Whiteout Blizzard Conditions and Highlighting the Significant Travel impacts making it nearly impossible to move by any means! Shot Description 1. Flag and Bushes whipping in the Blizzard Winds! 2. Flag losing sight in near zero visibility. 3. Blowing and drifting snow in the city of St.Paul. 4. Road signs bending and about to break in the intense winds and snow. 5. Blizzard conditions with Snow plow cutting back drifts in metro. 6. MSP Airport at the moment the ground stop was about to go into effect. 7-10. MSP De-Icing operations in the midst of a rare Blizzard Warning for the central Metro Area! Close POV. 11. Snow Plow in blowing snow. 12. Salt trucks plowing and close up of road treatments. 13-16. True Traffic struggling to travel in the Blizzard conditions in Minneapolis. SID: Nick Elms

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