Biloxi, MS Hurricane Nate Storm Surge – 10/8/2017

As Hurricane Nate moved on shore on the Mississippi coast, storm surge was an issue. Highway 90 was impassible with 5-6 feet of water covering the roadway. Oak St is impassable due to large pieces of debris and parts of pier posts as well as a dumpster that floated across the highway during the inner eye wall. Gusty winds caused power outages and arking powerlines. Also great B-Roll of the Harrah's Gulf Coast parking garage flooded out. Shot Description shot 1, tight, arking powerlines shot 2, medium, inundated intersection hwy 90 and oak st shot 3, medium, inundated intersection with surge shot 4, medium, flooded parking garage at Harrah's Gulf Coast shot 5, medium, floating garbage cans in Harrah's Gulf Coast parking garage shot 6, tight, street signs in surge shot 7, tight, surge and dock posts shot 8, tight debris shot 9, tight, street signs flopping shot 10, tight, dumpster lid shot 11, tight, emergency vehicles