South Naples, FL Hurricane Irma Eyewall & Damage 9/10/2017

During the eyewall of Hurricane Irma south Naples took a beating. For a while it what total whiteout conditions with side blowing and wind driven rain. Several business sustained damage. Also 2 mobile home parks sustained major damage.
Shot Description

Clip 1, tight shot, stop sign rocking with sound
Clip 2, tight shot, stop sign
Clip 3, medium shot, shopping carts in wind
Clip 4, medium shot, traffic lights swaying
Clip 5, medium shot, palm trees, highway in white out conditions
Clip 6, medium shot, gas station awning
Clip 7, wide shot, white out with stop sign and sound
Clip 8, wide shot, near total white out with palm trees in eye wall
Clip 9, medium/tight shot, stop signs
Clip 10, tight shot, stop sign
Clip 11, tight shot, propane tank storage containers
Clip 12, tight shot, tree on car
Clip 13, tight shot, traffic signal broke off in middle of intersection
Clip 14, tight shot, twisted pine tree
Clip 15, tight shot, school of baby fish in water in shell gas station parking lot in eye
Clip 16, tight shot, broken shell gas station awning
Clip 17, medium shot, broken shell gas station awning
Clip 18, medium shot, broken marathon gas station awning
Clip 19, tight shot, marathon gas station awning and pump
Clip 20, tight shot, smashed/broken marathon gas pump
Clip 21, medium shot, majorly damaged mobile home
Clip 22, medium shot, snapped and leaning power poles
Clip 23, tight shot, snapped and hanging power pole