Nashville, TN Tropical Depression Harvey Flooding Closes I40 – 8/31/2017

The remnants of Hurricane Harvey finally moved out of the Gulf Coast and began to make its wrath felt across portions of Tennessee with excessive rains leading to flash flooding across the Nashville area late Thursday night. Rainfall over half a foot fell in a few hours leading to flash flooding on I-40 just to the west of downtown under the Dr. DB Todd Jr. Blvd bridge.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Two vehicles attempt to cross the flooded roadway on I-40, the black car does not make it and stalls out in the water.

Scene 2-3: Man jumps out of stalled black car and starts pushing his vehicle across the flood.

Scene 4: Another stalled vehicle at the other side of the flooding with a man standing and pushing the car.

Scene 5: TN-DOT utility truck with flashers on sitting in the flood waters on I-40.

Scene 6: Driver of TN-DOT truck closes door as truck sits in flood waters.

Scene 7: Wide shot of TN-DOT truck sitting in flood waters.

Scene 8: TN-DOT truck drives to three of the stalled vehicles on the other side of the flood.

Scene 9-10: Various vehicles driving through deep waters on I-40.

Scene 11: TN-DOT truck on flood-free side of interstate with water going up nearly to the top of the concrete barricades.

Scene 12: Red pickup truck drives by TN-DOT truck, splashing water over the concrete barricades.

Scene 13: Traffic, along with a tow truck with yellow flashing lights, drives through flooding.

Scene 14-15: Shots looking back along EB I-40 of the stopped traffic due to the flooding.

Scene 16-19: Various clips of vehicles that were stopped turning around and driving the wrong way down the shoulder of I-40 to escape the traffic jam.

Scene 20: Wide shot of closed EB I-40 with the flooding.