Crosby, TX Levee Repair / Search and Rescue – 8/29/2017

Footage of locals trying to shore up and raise a levee to prevent flood waters from entering their neighborhood. Wildlife on the run, fire ants floating on the flood waters and search and rescue crews.
Shot Description

Clip 1 That brown stuff floating, that is not debris. Fire Ant colony on top of flood waters.

Clip 2 The Fire Ant along the side in the water as a wild boar running across highway away from them and the cameraman.

Clip 3 Dog that was just rescued.

Clip 4 On a boat looking at people on a Jetski as they are looking for someone that called for help.

Clip 5 trying to navigate the Jetski around power lines and utility lines in the deep water.

Clip 6 tight water level on power pole and jetski

Clip 7 wide wreckers with boats

Clip 8 wide on rescue boat with sound

Clip 9 medium residents trying to repair a breached levee

Clip 10 Dump truck dropping off a load of sand as a dog sits by watching

Clip 11 tight residents repair breached levee

Clip 12 tight water measurements on levee

Clip 13 dog on levee

Clip 14-15 wide trapped cow in flood waters under a tree.