Houston, TX extreme flooding and water rescues – 8/27/2017

Footage of the historic flooding event that is impacting the Memorial Bend Area of Houston, TX with people being rescued.

Shot Description

Clip 1 Footage of a Rescue boat taking off from a exit ramp.

Clip 2 Memorial Bend sign in the flood water.

Clip 3 Someone with a dog that was rescued dog.

Clip 4 Good Samaritans helping out with rescue efforts.

Clip 5 Shot of people being rescued in the distance in the high water.

Clip 6 Police showing up to the scene.

Clip 7 Sink hole forming in the flood waters as the raging water washes away the drainage system and erodes and undercuts the road.

Clip 8 Wide shot of the police blocking the interstate that is covered in flood waters.

Clip 9 -10 Wide shot of the flood waters with a boat way off in the distance.

Clip 11 Emergency vehicles and a boat.

Clip 12 Wide shot of a neighborhood flooded out with a rescue boat picking up people.

Clip 13 Rescue boat approaching the camera.

Clip 14 A child wading through the water.

Clip 15 Man hole with water bubbling up from underneath.

Clip 16 Wide shot of flooding