Corpus Christi, TX Hurricane Harvey Storm Surge & Waves – 8/25/2017

Video of Hurricane Harvey storm surge and the huge waves impacting Whitecap Beach on the shore of Corpus Christi, TX. Shot Description Clip 1 Medium shot with tide and waves with the beach sign being slammed with the waves. Clip 2 Palm Trees blowing in the wind. Clip 3 Tight shot fo the road closed sign and barricade. Clip 4 Waves and the beach sign and surge. Clip 5 Wide shot of the tide going back out Clip 6 Wave crashing into a dock with spary. Clip 7 Birds fleeing the water Clip 8 Red Flag flying with the waves. Clip 9 Tight shot of beach street sign. Clip 10 Wide shot of the tide coming in with the waves on shore. Clip 11 Wide shot of waves crashing on the beach. Clip 12 Tide and shore Clip 13 Waves crashing with spray.