Maricopa AZ Wet Microburst & Haboob – 7/14/2017

Time lapse of a well defined wet microburst as well as the haboob that was generated from the outflow winds. Captured in Maricopa, Arizona (30 miles SSW of Phoenix, Arizona)
Shot Description

Shot 1: Time lapse of a well defined wet microburst. At about 3 seconds into the video, you can begin to see the "ball" of rain falling to the ground. At about 6 seconds in, you can see the ball hit the ground creating strong outflow winds and dust. At about 10 seconds in, strong outflow dust can be seen getting organized into a haboob.

Shot 2: Same storm begins to move south as the outflow from the storm above combines with other outflows to generate a small haboob south of Maricopa heading west. At about 16 seconds in, another wet microburst can be seen falling from the new cell. This, like the first, generates an outflow that enhances the existing wall of dust (haboob).

Shot 3: Medium shot of a road with strong winds and dust channeling across the surface of the road reducing visibility.

Shot 4: Wide shot of same road with wind and dust.

Shot 5: Tight shot of outflow wind and dust. Then sped up 20X at the end to show it moving across the ground.

Shot 6: Medium shot of dust over the homes in Maricopa, AZ

Shot 7: Tight shot of a dusty sunset.