Mayer Goodwin Fire, AZ SOT – 6/29/2017

On June 24, dry conditions sparked the Goodwin Fire near the town of Mayer, just south of Prescott, AZ. The fire quickly expanded in size, affecting over 25,000 acres to this point. Residents of Mayer and other neighboring towns were evacuated as the fire grew, and State Route 69 was closed near the town.

Despite efforts to contain the fire, it continued to burn significantly today. State Route 69 remains closed north of Mayer, and the total number of acres burned continues to grow. Footage was shot from the police roadblock on State Route 69, and an interview was performed with a Mayer resident waiting to return to his home.
Shot Description

Shot 1 – Fire ban road sign (tight shot)
Shot 2 – Medium shot of Goodwin Fire
Shot 3 – Tight shot of fire
Shot 4 – Police roadblock on State Route 69 (medium shot)
Shot 5 – Police roadblock on State Route 69 (tight shot)
Shot 6 – Wide shot of fire
Shot 7 – SOT – David Giboney, resident of Mayer