Hastings, NE Hail – 6/13/2017

A hail storm came through southern Nebraska, in the town of Hastings. The storm dropped golf ball size hail and torrential rains.
Shot Description
Shot 1: Wide shot of large hail falling in town.

Shot 2: Mid shot on large hail falling with splashes from falling hail.

Shot 3: Holding some fallen hail, with the largest stone near golfball size.

Shot 4: Tight shot of torrential rainfall pouring out of a down spout

Shot 5: Mid shot on hail falling in downtown Hastings.

Shot 6: Mid/Tight shot on hail bouncing in grass in downtown.

Shot 7: Tight shot on hail falling and splashing water from stones

Shot 8: Wide shot on hail falling and cars driving through water.