Birmingham, AL Heavy rain and flooding – 6/6/2017

Small flood issue this morning in the Birmingham metro area in central Alabama. Heavy downpours resulted in street ponding/flooded roadways and overflowing streams and creeks around Bessemer and Birmingham, al. Traffic was flowing through these areas.
Shot Description

Shot 1. Wide shot. Traffic driving through street ponded intersection in Bessemer.

Shot 2. Wide shot. Flooded intersection in Bessemer. Traffic driving through.

Shot 3. Wide shot. Water flowing across roadway and into washed out ditch in Birmingham

Shot 4. Wide shot. Stream flowing out of its banks in Bessemer at bottom of bridge.

Shot 5. Wide shot. Flooded road in Birmingham. One lane impassible.

Shot 6. Wide shot. Cars driving through flooded intersection in Bessemer.

Shot 7. Wide shot. Flash flooding in Birmingham. Ditches overflowing with flowing water.