Canton, TX Deadly Wedge Tornado and Aftermath Damage – 4/29/2017

Deadly violent wedge-shaped tornado hits Canton, TX and shots of storm chasers and firefighters searching crushed vehicles tossed hundreds of yards from highway where one fatality occurred in a crushed truck.

Shot Description

Shot List:

1-8. Various shots of violent wedge-shaped tornado approaching and hitting East edge of Canton, TX
T9-11. pushed-in shot of powerflashes and violent wedge tornado crossing Highway 64 tearing down utility lines in Canton, TX (vehicles hit and thrown from highway at this time)

12. driving shot of tornado damage and realize vehicles were thrown into field by tornado

13-16. Various shots of chasers and firefighters searching crushed vehicles thrown hundreds of yards into field off highway 64 in Canton TX (tragic fatality from last vehicle shown)

17. shot of firefighters on scene for search and rescue at scene of fatality from vehicles thrown off highway 64 in Canton, TX

18-21. Shots of lightning strikes in Canton, TX

22. slow motion shot of lighting strike in Canton, TX