Herrin, IL Extreme Flash Flooding 4K – 4/29/2017

Major flash flooding was occurring in the town of Herrin Saturday morning stranding numerous vehicles in high water and flooding out homes. Parts of Herrin received almost 7-inches of rain since last night. And with more expected this evening, conditions are feared to get worse. Some evacuations were already ordered for folks in Herrin in the hardest hit areas.

Video package shot after sunrise into the mid-morning in the town of Herrin in Williamson County, IL.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Little dog running through pouring rain in a flooded street, eventually face-plants into a flooded ditch, but gets up and scurries off.

Scene 2: Wide shot of a neighborhood street completely inundated with flood waters. Two cars are stranded on the road while water is at the homes.

Scene 3: Tight shot of two stranded vehicles in the flooded road.

Scene 4: Shot from other wide with barricade and stranded cars in the background.

Scene 5: Tighter shot from other side of two stranded cars.

Scene 6: Tight shot of red stranded car.

Scene 7: Tight shot of silver stranded car.

Scene 8: Tight shot of a grey house as flood waters race by.

Scene 9: Wide shot of two homes flooded out by racing waters.

Scene 10: Shot of a home surrounded by water with two cars parked in flooded driveway.

Scene 11: Shot of a flooded home with barricades that are flooded halfway up.

Scene 12: Shot of a home and garage surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 13: Shot of flooded garage.

Scene 14: Shot of a home surrounded completely by flood waters.

Scene 15: Shot of several parked vehicles surrounded by flood water.

Scene 16: Shot of a residential street in Herrin with rapidly flowing water over it and half submerged mailboxes in background.

Scene 17: Shot of half submerged mailbox with racing waters flowing by.

Scene 18: Pickup truck driving through flooded street.

Scene 19: Shot of traffic driving on Park Street/Rt. 148, the main drag through Herrin which seldomly floods.

Scene 20: Wide shot of flooded park drive with traffic.

Scene 21-22: Tighter shots of traffic driving through Park St. flood waters.

Scene 23: Grey car driving through flowing flood waters.

Scene 24: Wide shot of intersection with rapidly flowing water.

Scene 25: Shot of rapids on the street.

Scene 26: Wide shot of a downtown street with water up to a building.

Scene 27: Shot looking down a neighborhood street that looks more like a river.

Scene 28: Police car and firetruck blocking Grand Ave on south side of Herrin as two ponds overflowed onto the bridge.

Scene 29: Another angle of emergency vehicles blocking road.

Scene 30: Tight shot of flood waters over the road.

Scene 31: Wide shot of flood waters with cones in front.

Scene 32: Shot after sunrise of a cop closing down Rt 148 due to flooding.

Scene 33: Shot of police car pulling up next to stalled vehicle as driver gets out.

Scene 34: Shot of cars driving through flood waters before police arrived.